Should You Buy or Rent a Rough Terrain Forklift?


Smaller construction companies often need a forklift for moving materials around new housing projects. What kind should you get? Should you rent? Should you buy? There are many varieties of forklifts designed for material handling and storage in warehouses. However, those are primarily indoor forklifts operating on flat surfaces. Outdoor, on-site construction use, however, demands more succinct consideration before renting or buying as they are used outdoors, often on uneven terrain.

17 November 2017

3 Shortcuts You Shouldn't Take When Working With Scaffolding


Scaffolding is very common for use in the world of construction. Because it's often used in many places and for many purposes, there are a lot of mistakes and shortcuts that people make when they are working with them. However, many of these shortcuts can actually be dangerous. These are a few shortcuts that you shouldn't take when working with scaffolding. 1. Not Leveling the Ground Obviously, if you want the scaffold to be secure, safe and sturdy, you will need to make sure that the ground that it's placed on is level.

9 September 2017

Relocating Your Plant: What To Do


Your company's growth may mean it's time to move your plant to a new industrial facility. This is of course a positive thing; making enough money to afford a new facility is great. However, you might feel stress creeping in when thinking of the actual process of moving the entire plant. Feel better by accepting the guidance below. Inspect Machines Saving moving costs is just one reason to inspect every machine before transport.

22 August 2017

3 Ways To Get The Most From Your Skid Steer Loader


A skid steer loader can be used to complete several tasks on your construction site. Unfortunately, not all operators are using the loader to the best of its ability. To ensure you are getting all the benefits of the skid steer loader, here are some tips to remember. Use Compatible Attachments Skid steer loaders have several attachments that are available to help make completing tasks easier. For instance, the addition of a grading bar can make leveling the land easier.

24 July 2017

Electrical Transformers: More Than Meets Your Eye


When you look at those overhead power lines, you are looking at wires that carry tens of thousands of volts through them. One reason that they carry so much voltage is that it is more efficient to carry high voltage over long distances. The electrons in the current will bounce around each other and make it so that there is some power loss, generally not a significant loss, but some. Another reason is that although a home generally runs on 110v or 220v, factories and other industrial settings generally have heavy equipment that uses more than just 110 or 220 volts.

24 June 2017

Business Planning For New Landscaping Companies


Are you tired of working for someone else? Are you thinking about starting your own landscaping company? With so many people leading busy lives and fewer people wanting to do the manual labor that's required to keep a yard looking nice, landscaping can be big business. Although you could start with just a few hand tools and a lawnmower, it helps to start by making a business plan that includes future expansion.

29 April 2017

Do-Overs On Garage Slab Floors: How Your Garage Floor Can Be Even Better


Concrete slab floors that are older than thirty years are often cracked, lifted up or sunken down and are generally in all-around bad shape. While you could hire a concrete contractor to lift the broken pieces of slab from underneath, it may be better to pull it all up and redo the garage floor. This time, be sure to ask your contractor for post tensioning. It is a newer process that can prevent the problems the old slab floor had and extend the life of the new garage floor.

29 April 2017

Construction Equipment 101: 3 Helpful Tips For Selecting The Right Excavator Bucket


An excavator is an important tool for many contractors and construction companies. After all, it makes hauling away excess rock and dirt easy. However, in order to get the most use out of an excavator, you'll need to select the proper excavator bucket. With many options to choose from, it might seem difficult. Luckily, it doesn't have to be. With these three tips, it will be easy to select the proper excavator bucket for your business:

10 April 2017

Five Steps For Installing Paneling In Your Bathroom


If you really want to change the way that your bathroom looks, a very quick and inexpensive way to do that is by installing paneling on the walls of your bathroom. Panels work great in bathrooms because they transform the space visually while also helping protect your bathroom walls from moisture damage. #1 Measure Your Bathroom The first thing you need to do is get out your measuring tape and something to write with.

14 March 2017