Tips For Getting The Most From Your Forklift


A forklift can be an essential tool for your business. However, business owners and leaders will frequently underestimate the importance of caring for these tools. If you are wanting to ensure that you get the most out of your forklift, you should utilize a few maintenance and safety tips to avoid some common issues that can arise with these tools.

Know The Maintenance Needs For The Battery

The battery is an essential component of the forklift. Whether your forklift is all-electric or uses a combustion engine, problems with the battery can quickly lead to major performance issues for the forklift. Luckily, the steps for caring for a forklift battery can be relatively simple. One of the more common issues that the battery may encounter will be limescale and other mineral deposits or corrosion that forms on the terminals. These substances will be able to greatly reduce the ability of electricity to flow through the metal, which can cause the battery to struggle to output enough power to keep the vehicle running. Regularly removing these substances from the battery terminals can greatly alleviate the risk of this issue compromising your forklift.

Have A Suitable Storage Area For The Forklift

When you are not using the forklift, it must be properly stored. If a forklift is stored in overly harsh conditions, it can suffer extensive wear. As you are evaluating areas where you can store the forklift, you should pay special attention to the amount of humidity. If you store the forklift in an area that has high humidity, it could suffer extensive corrosion. Additionally, you should be aware of the fact that some rodents and insects can damage the forklift by clogging its internal piping or damaging its wiring. Due to these particular hazards to your forklift, you should always leave it in a climate controlled area when it is not being used, and if it will be placed into storage for a prolonged period of time, you should regularly treat this area for pests.

Ensure That Your Employees Undergo Safety Training

A forklift can be a powerful machine that may be able to cause extensive damage to your property or injuries to bystanders or the operator. As a result of these hazards, you should institute mandatory safety training for any worker that will be using the forklift. Prior to choosing a safety course for your employees to take, you should speak with your insurance as there may be some programs that can result in a discount on your premiums.

Taking care of your construction equipment can help your bottom line.


11 February 2018

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