4 Things To Know About Mini Cranes


When it comes to cranes, giant cranes that are used to work on skyscrapers are not the only cranes on the market. There are also mini cranes, which are great for smaller lifting jobs. Here are a few things that you need to know about mini cranes.

What Mini Cranes Do

Mini cranes are made to be smaller. They are made for lifting and moving jobs that require lighter lifting and for things that don't need to be lifted up as high as they would with a traditional crane. Mini cranes were also designed to work in areas where the access is tight or restricted.

Mini cranes function just like regular cranes, but on a smaller basis. They lift less and they can't lift things as high, but they fill a much needed niche in the market.

What Mine Cranes Look Like

A mini crane has a similar structure to a regular size crane. However, they are often described as a spider due to the outriggers that are attached to the crane. The smaller sized outriggers that extend from the crane are thin and extend outward, creating a visual look similar to a spider. You may hear mini cranes referred to as spider cranes for this reason.

Mini Cranes Meet Industry Standards

Mini cranes are not toys; they are small pieces of construction equipment. Mini cranes are designed and built to meet all the manufacturing and regulations standards that govern the production of cranes in North America. They also make sure that they comply with all OSHA regulations as well. They are also built to meet EPA regulations in regards to the engines and emissions.

Mini cranes are real pieces of construction equipment that follow the same guidelines and requirements to ensure safe and effective operation like regular size cranes. These are regulated machines that should be treated with the respect used for other pieces of construction equipment.

Mini Cranes Require Certified Operators

Mini cranes require certified operators. They are not to be used by individuals who are not trained to use a crane. OSHA has still not decided what certifications are required for mini cranes, and this issue is more about the requirements of the state that you are operating the crane in. Even if your state doesn't require mini crane operators to have a crane license, your insurance may require it, and it is always a good idea to use individuals who have the right training with construction equipment. Mini cranes are new construction equipment and eventually will have national regulations on what type of license you need to operate them; for now, use someone who is licensed to operate a regular crane to operate a mini crane at any worksite you are running.

Speak with local crane services for more information.


15 November 2018

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