3 Shortcuts You Shouldn't Take When Working With Scaffolding


Scaffolding is very common for use in the world of construction. Because it's often used in many places and for many purposes, there are a lot of mistakes and shortcuts that people make when they are working with them. However, many of these shortcuts can actually be dangerous. These are a few shortcuts that you shouldn't take when working with scaffolding.

1. Not Leveling the Ground

Obviously, if you want the scaffold to be secure, safe and sturdy, you will need to make sure that the ground that it's placed on is level. Some people think that it's not a big deal to just place the scaffold or dirt or grass and to get to work. However, even a slight elevation change can make it so that your scaffold is very unlevel. This can put you or anyone who is working on -- or near -- the scaffold at risk. Taking a few minutes to level the ground is smart if you'd like to prevent accidents.

2. Leveling the Scaffold with Wood or Bricks

When you are leveling your scaffold, you might be tempted to use a piece of wood or a brick to help with making the scaffold work on a slope. However, this can be very dangerous, since the piece of wood or the brick could easily come out of place. Instead, you'll want to use leg extensions that are designed specifically for this use. These are much less likely to slip out of place, allowing you to work more safely on the scaffold.

3. Using Regular Wood as a Work Platform

When setting up your work area at the top of the scaffold, you might be tempted to just use a regular piece of plywood. However, even though this might seem like a practical choice -- and even though a lot of people do seem to do it this way -- you should know that wood just isn't strong enough for this purpose. Instead, you'll need to use a platform that is designed to be used with scaffolds.

As you can see, there are various shortcuts that you should not take when you're working with scaffolding. If you take these shortcuts, you might think that it will make your life easier. In truth, however, it could just make your work area a whole lot more dangerous. If you work with a company that sells and rents scaffolds, you should be able to get the supplies that you need to use your scaffold safely. Visit a site like http://www.allstareq.com/ for more help.


9 September 2017

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