Relocating Your Plant: What To Do


Your company's growth may mean it's time to move your plant to a new industrial facility. This is of course a positive thing; making enough money to afford a new facility is great. However, you might feel stress creeping in when thinking of the actual process of moving the entire plant. Feel better by accepting the guidance below.

Inspect Machines

Saving moving costs is just one reason to inspect every machine before transport. You only clutter the new space if you move machines and heavy construction equipment that is broken or needs to be seen by a mechanic. Get honest with yourself about which machines can't make the move because they're too old or cost too much to fix.

When you've whittled down your equipment inventory to only include working machines, you must inspect them again before they go anywhere. Moving and swinging parts are to be secured with ropes or other materials. They may get covered too. A professional relocation company is vital for moves like this; they can reduce the chance that your heavy equipment will show up to the new facility with damage from transport.

Handle Waste Properly

Moving equipment, electronics and other items out of the plant takes time, but you can't forget about the raw materials and just leave them there. If you've got cement, used lumber and other materials that you simply have no current use for, seek recycling centers. Some of these centers will arrange pickup with you, which can save time. Whatever can't go towards recycling can sometimes be given to similar companies nearby.

Consult Employees

If your company is similar to many, most decisions are made at the upper levels and trickle down to employees at every level. When the plant is moved to another facility, this is a great chance for you to change that structure briefly. Your employees operate the machines in your facility each day; they should be consulted before any moves to hash out possible changes. For example, they may request greater space between machines or that additional bathrooms be put into their workspace before the move. Their ideas could make for a better running plant and your willingness to hear them can enhance your relationship with them.

A plant relocation will be over before you know it if you're able to work with managers, workers and professionals to accomplish it. Ask local plant relocation companies for greater assistance.


22 August 2017

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