3 Ways To Get The Most From Your Skid Steer Loader


A skid steer loader can be used to complete several tasks on your construction site. Unfortunately, not all operators are using the loader to the best of its ability. To ensure you are getting all the benefits of the skid steer loader, here are some tips to remember.

Use Compatible Attachments

Skid steer loaders have several attachments that are available to help make completing tasks easier. For instance, the addition of a grading bar can make leveling the land easier. The blade enables you to move forward and reverse over the land in the most efficient manner possible.

However, none of this is possible if you are not matching the right attachments with the skid steer loader. Each loader has different requirements for the attachments that are used. For instance, the attachment must be the right size. If it is too heavy, the loader could be in danger of tipping over. If you are not sure about the requirements for the loader, refer to your owner's manual and talk with professionals at a company like UNLIMITED FABRICATION LLC.

Learn How to Use the Attachments

Now that you have the right attachments, you need to learn how to use them. Some of them are easy to use, such as the grapple attachment. Others require a bit more practice to get the most benefit from using them.

For instance, a sledgehammer attachment helps to make the job of busting up concrete easier, but if you do not how to control the loader, you could inadvertently break up the wrong area. There is also the possibility that you could end up tilting over as the attachment strives to break through the concrete.

Perform Regular Maintenance

As with other types of construction equipment, your skid steer loader needs to be regular serviced to keep it operating optimally. There are several maintenance steps you need to perform, including checking the tires. The tires must be at the proper air pressure to prevent problems with machine stability.

You also need to ensure that your skid steer loader is prepared as the seasons change. For instance, you might have to switch the oil in the loader to correspond with the current weather temperatures. In addition to this, you need to keep up on your coolant levels. If not, the engine could overheat and require an extensive repair.

Consult with a skid steer loader retailer and repair pro to learn of other ways you can get the most benefit from using it. 


24 July 2017

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